Your Vision, Your Story: Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021

Oct 4, 2021

Xiaomi introduces the Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021. Previously known as the “2021 ShotByMi Photography Challenge,” the award is now open once more and is calling for submissions pertaining to the theme, “Happy Moments.”

Xiaomi 11T



Known as the Xiaomi ShotByMi Photography Challenge, this event since its inception in 2019 offers a stage for Xiaomi Fans. By using a Xiaomi smartphone, fans can showcase their unique aesthetic through photography. Despite the name change, The Xiaomi Imagery Awards is the same as its predecessor. This award continues the theme of “Your Vision, Your Story,” which from the beginning encourages Mi Fans to capture and share their vision and life story through Xiaomi’s latest camera technology.

There are two independently themed events that fans could participate in to submit for the Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021, with each running for two months. The first, which took place in March of this year, centered around “Colorful Life.” This event garnered more than 167,000 photographic works from more than 200 countries around the world.

Following the success of the first episode, Xiaomi Imagery Awards is now opening entries for the second phase of the awards. Titled “Happy Moments,” Xiaomi Fans can showcase the moving and warm moments they have experienced in their lives through their mobile phone lens.

The entries will be scored by a group of well-known photographers from all over the world, including the creators of Mango Street and the renowned landscape photographer Max Rive. The grand winner of each competition will win a creative fund of US$5,000, while other award-winning works will receive a Xiaomi 11T or Xiaomi 11T Pro. The submission stage of this competition opens from September 30th until November 30th.


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