Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone was shared on Weibo by Lin Bin

Jan 26, 2019

The first live look at Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone was shared on Weibo by Xiaomi President and Co-Founder, Lin Bin, and was later tweeted by Donovan Sung, the global spokesperson of the Chinese company.

Xiaomi's foldable smartphone

Lin Bin said he is the world’s first smartphone with a double-folding design and that it was used employed a four wheel drive foldable shaft technology and a foldable display to achieve the form factor.

Bin added that ‘Xiaomi Dual Flex’ and ‘Xiaomi Mix Flex’are the current names of this smartphone. They’re temporary names. These are not the final ones.

This news is addressed to the main Xiaomi investors. Those who continue to trust them. Even if Xiaomi smartphones are at a minimum, investors need to see that there is potential for future gains.

The model presented is a prototype. He’s in the test stage. I think it will be launched on the market for just over 2-3 years. Until then, we will look closely at the new Xiaomi products. Especially those who can insert a smartphone with a foldable screen.

The idea of a foldable smartphone came as a result of the demand for screens of different sizes. A small smartphone is more convenient to use. But there are times when we need a larger screen smartphone so we can edit a text or use the application effectively. At present, users are forced to make a compromise. This model offers a new alternative.

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