Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Power Strip firmware updated to v1.2.4_50

Sep 1, 2016

Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Wifi Remote Control 6 Outlets Power Strip firmware was updated yesterday from v1.2.4_49 to v1.2.4_50.

To update the latest firmware on Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Wifi Remote 6 Outlets Control Power Strip you have to install latest version 3.8.8 of Xiaomi Mi Home Android Application from here. Then open it, go to ‘Personal’ tab, ‘Settings’ and next access ‘Update’ section. Find the new firmware and make the update.
Here you can read about the unboxing of Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Wifi Remote Control 6 Outlets Power Strip.
 Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Power Strip
 Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Power Strip Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Power Strip Xiaomi ZNCXB01ZM Power Strip

Xiaomi Wifi Remote Control Power Strip 6 Outlets Features
• Original Xiaomi charging power strip for daily use
• Wifi connection for remote control, setting the turn on and turn off time through mobile phones or Pad
• With self-study function, record the regulation of using electricity, and auto-power on in period of power consumption time and auto-power off in sleeping time
• APP timing and delay
• Household appliances power detection for power saving
• Flexible charging, it is very convenient to use
• Overload protection, electric leakage detection, safe to use
• Capacitive touch switch, perfect hand feeling
• High temperature resistant, 750 degree flame retardant level
• 6 outlets to meet your different needs
• 75N security resistance Avoid the finger or metal objects touch jack and cause accident
• LED indicator: Hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice
• Easy to set up and use, saving energy
• PC material, durable and reliable
• Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.
• Product code: E-Y24-B3-101 / 167491901 / Apr 14th, 2016 (1) / SKU: NRB4008CN
• Model: ZNCXB01ZM / CMIIT ID: 2015DP6845 / Q/JSZM0001-2016

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