Xiaomi working on satellite internet 6G

Jun 1, 2020

While in some countries there have been protests against the installation of 5G antennas Xiaomi announces that they are already preparing for 6G.

Xiaomi 6G

In an interview conducted by Xinhua, Lei Jun, the co-owner and CEO of the tech giant revealed the future plans. Will stop making 4G smartphones for the Chinese market by the end of this year. Decreases prices for 5G smartphones. Will focus its energy on the development of satellite internet and 6G technologys.

“It is not enough to have base stations and satellites alone, you have to have terminal support, so we will have a lot of preliminary research in this regard, but we will not directly get involved in commercial aerospace.” Lei Jun said.

One of the reasons I became a fan of Xiaomi products is the vision of this brand. They do not live in the past. They live in the future. They are preparing today for what will be in a few years. They are visionaries. Tough visions.

This attitude helped them get over the financial problems with investors in previous years. It will help them get over the COVID 19 pandemic even now. It will help them get over the problems they will face in the future. How do I succeed? Thinking. Preparing in advance.

It’s clear. The future belongs to technology. Only those who will be able to adapt to the facilities offered by technology will have maximum profit. Safe, convenient and fast facilities.

In the coming years we will witness space projects. Private excursions. Investments for resources. Spatial security. I am waiting for the day when Xiaomi will offer a space trip to a loyal fan. Me, of course.

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