Xiaomi will not launch its flagship Mi 6 phone in India

Apr 26, 2017

Xiaomi will not launch its flagship Mi 6 phone in India according to India Today Tech.

Xiaomi fans in the US are not the only dissatisfied. And fans in India are unhappy that MI6 will not be officially released to them in the country. From what I understand, Xiaomi’s decision is due to limited purchasing power in India. MI6 is a premium smartphone with a high price. Why launch it in a country where inferior models are preferred?

Is it a good decision or a wrong decision? The views are divided.


Let’s not forget so easily that there are people who change their smartphone in India as soon as a newer and more performing model appears on the market. Indeed, there are people who work for months to buy an older model. When do we have a top new product as we do? Are we just launching it where there are more potential buyers? Or do we use launch to promote our brand in other places?

I’m caught in the middle. I have reasons to support both. I tried to objectively analyze this incident and came to the conclusion that they did the right thing. It is better that MI6 remains an objective of the Xiaomi team in India. They must continue at the same pace and grow. It has to become even stronger. It must rise to the level of others. You must be motivated. And encourage yourself.

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