Xiaomi will launch soon a new smartphone Mi Mix Alpha

Sep 20, 2019

Xiaomi has announced on Weibo that the name of the smartphone that will be released next week is Mi Mix Alpha. What’s new? Waterfall screen or foldable a curvature that reaches nearly all the lateral body.

This feature is highlighted very pleasantly by a teaser in which the new smartphone appears as a bright book on the shelf of a library. It supports 5G. Snapdragon 855+ processor and 12 GB RAM. 30W wireless power supply.

Mi Mix Alpha

I’m glad the rumors are not confirmed that it will be called Mi Mix 4. I am not a fan of names differentiated by numbers even though they are models similar to a basic model. If they want to launch from the beginning a range of similar models, with hard configuration differences, they can give them close names.

Xiaomi fans will also have curved screens. Unlike Samsung friends, I hope they enjoy this feature more.

I expect this model to be a top smartphone. This is exactly the product I would launch in Beijing first.

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