Xiaomi wants to go first in sales in India – said Manu Jain

Feb 6, 2017

“I would want Xiaomi to become number one in overall smartphone sales volume perspective in India in 3-5 years” Xiaomi India head Manu Jain told ET.

I have never hidden the fact that i have a special liking for Xiaomi team in India. They then traces their clear directions and follow them step by step. And the results are visible. Xiaomi other teams would do well to learn from them.

Xiaomi wants to go first in sales in India

Jain did not share details of investment plans in the country. “We have already invested hundreds of millions dollars in India over last few years and India will remain our first priority outside Mainland China. We will continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars on manufacturing, warehouses, logistics, call centres and service centres in India,” he said.

Within two and a half years of its India foray, Xiaomi has become the leader in the online smartphone market in the country with 30% market share in the quarter ended December, Jain said.

Even while continuing its focus on online first sales strategy, the Chinese firm will nearly triple its offline sales this year to around 30% from some 10% now. The company’s application for single brand retail licence was approved by the DIPP and the company is currently waiting for clearances from few others including the finance ministry, and is hoping to get its license sometime this year. source

What to learn? Read the previous paragraphs. Xiaomi in India is not just the sale of smartphones. It means much more. We live in an era when multinational companies dominate the market. A dominating in the absence of clear legislation. Reread it and you will understand what I mean alone.

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