Xiaomi wants to charge 210W smartphones

Sep 5, 2022

Xiaomi is currently charging its smartphones at a maximum of 120W via cable. Soon the following Xiaomi smartphones can be charged with 210 W.

The means of powering smartphones has become a complex legal issue because it is desired to have a single charger for all models regardless of brand. I anticipate that in the near future the charger of a spamrtphone will be a device sold separately. It should no longer be included in the basic package of a smartphone. When you change your smartphone with a newer model, but the charger of the old phone is functional in optimal parameters, you can keep it. Avoid an additional cost.

The means of charging have become a marketing problem because the new generations prefer convenient charging methods. The most convenient method is wireless.

I think that the wire charging method, no matter how efficient it will be, is a thing of the past. The future belongs to wireless charging means.

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