Xiaomi & Viomi presented Smart Hood Internet Hurri

Dec 27, 2017

Smart Hood Internet Hurri is a performance kitchen hood that can be remotely controlled with an application.

We live in a time when we are encouraged to eat in the city. It is cheaper. It’s cleaner. It’s more convenient. It is more diversified. There are many advantages. However, there are many families who prefer to cook at home. Home cooking also has advantages. When you begin to discover the beauty of cooking at home, the world is changing. The adventure begins. Magic begins. The family is happy. And healthier.

Every person who intends to cook at home first thinks of discomfort. Especially the smell that goes into the house. She can get into clothes, in the sofa or in the furniture. For this reason, famous chefs claim that the main device in a home kitchen is a hood. Using a kitchen hood maintains cleanliness throughout the house. Odors, steam, and smok are eliminated in a few seconds.

Chefs passionate about smat technology have a new ally in the kitchen.

Smart Hood Internet Hurri was presented by the partner of Xiaomi — Viomi.

Is made of lightweight stainless steel. Now the cleaning process won’t take more than a couple of minutes. The polished construction does not retain dirt, dust and grease on the surface.

Easy to clean the filter. The mesh design with a size of 400*268mm easily catches up to 90% of fat and soot, which is contained in the air. Automatic switching with the help of special built-in sensors, which respond to changes in temperature and the presence of smoke.

Smart Hood Internet Hurri

The air duct turbine is not located at a right angle. The duct has an angle of 15 degrees and provides more efficient operation of the device. The suction power is 21 m³/min. High suction power due to the operation of 32 blades in the turbine fan, which is designed to work without accumulating any dust.

Smart Hood Internet Hurri

Easy operation via the mobile application. With downloading a special application on your smartphone, you will get the full access to all the functionality of the device.

Because this hood is smart, it can be connected to other smart devices in the kitchen. For example at the hob. Or, in the near future, to a cookie recipe database. We choose the recipe. We download it into our own smart kitchen and we start to surprise our family.

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