Xiaomi smartphone display will mimic the texture of the paper

Jul 2, 2020

As per findings by kacskrz, the Xiaomi smartphone maker has included code for new “Paper” mode in the recent beta MUI 12 build rolled out yesterday.

The Xiaomi Group is known for its attention to detail and its affinity for using elements inspired by the offline living environment. Technology must not take us away from the natural lifestyle based on interaction with nature, but must complement it. It must offer us new facilities. Facilities to support us.

The impact of technology on us is radical. With the inherent advantages and disadvantages. Where access to technology is provided by emotionally mature people, it has been filtered. Only the forms of technology that complement the bases of the respective family or community were selected.

This new facility, currently being tested, is allied to this trend. With its help, the smartphone becomes a modern book or diary. Easy to read. Easy to use. Very well structured.

By Tudor
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