Xiaomi Smart Home knows what you’re going to do next

May 28, 2019

Do you know what a smart house means?

Most people think a smart home is a home where there are devices connected to the internet. It’s an incomplete answer. A smart house contains intelligent devices connected to the internet that communicate with each other and make decisions on their own. What decisions are made, under what data security conditions, how to obtain this information is the biggest challenge for smart home appliance manufacturers. Xiaomi is one of them.

Notice that the whole discussion is based on automated facilities.

The smart house anticipates what we want and it helps us. The main advantage is the time saving. Time. Time. Time. The main challenge is what we do with the time saved. Do we use it to improve our lifestyle or to get a higher profit? Are we prepared to give up part of our privacy to become more effective?

I’m starting to think we’ll soon be seeing a new division of society depending on how we use smart technology. We will have efficient people captive in the smart world and less efficient but free people.

By Tudor
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