Xiaomi shipped an impressive 28.3 million smartphones

May 7, 2018

According to Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments fell 2 percent annually to reach 345 million units in Q1 2018.

Samsung recaptured first position with 23 percent global smartphone marketshare, while Apple grew slightly to 15 percent share. Huawei and Xiaomi performed best among the major players and both hit record marketshare levels.

“Xiaomi shipped an impressive 28.3 million smartphones and jumped to fourth position with a record 8 percent global marketshare in Q1 2018, doubling from 4 percent share a year ago. Xiaomi’s growth soared 125 percent annually in the quarter, outperforming all its major rivals. Xiaomi is expanding like wildfire across Asia, particularly in India. OPPO slipped to fifth place, capturing 7 percent global smartphone marketshare in Q1 2018, tumbling from 8 percent a year ago. OPPO has been hit hard by Xiaomi’s rapid retail expansion and Huawei’s much-improved Android device portfolio.” Linda Sui, Director at Strategy Analytics said (source businesswire.com)

This report confirms what I expected. The smartphone market has come to maturity. Declining sales will lead to a stronger battle between major manufacturers.

In reality, the real battle does not go between smartphone manufacturers. The main battle is going between those who offer services that rely on these devices. In the top positions are the leading judges on the advertising market and on the banking market. The profit from selling a smartphone is no longer so great. The main profit comes from the subsequent services. I hope you understand why the authorities are rushing to legislate on personal data protection. It is approaching a rather complicated period.

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