Xiaomi setups new office in Delhi

May 2, 2017

Xiaomi has set up its new office in Delhi. This is Xiaomi’s second office after Bangalore in the India. The office has capacity for 25 employees.

I have always recognized that I am a fan of the Xiaomi team in India. I like their marketing style. I understand you’re having trouble with the customer support line. Problems are inherent in a training market. I like how they studied the Indian market and how they manage to promote a product with empathy towards local style. They do not try to change the Indian lifestyle. They just want to adapt it to the smart style that will dominate us in the future. The results can be seen.

xiaomi delhi

We are talking a few weeks ago about Xiaomi’s refusal to launch a top smartphone in India. Local fans were unhappy. I think it’s fair to recognize that there are dissatisfied fans for the current customer support level in India. The main purpose of the new office is to resolve these discontents in the future as quickly as possible. The success of a brand on an external market depends on these teams. Marketing is marketing. Customer support is customer support. A stable smart market needs marketing and customer support.

An additional reason for the Xiaomi team in Delhi is extremely simple. India’s smartphone market grew 12% year on year in the first quarter of 2017. How many of the 12% are Xiaomi new customers? The battle on the smartphone market in India continues.

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