Xiaomi Releases Documentary Series Sharing Stories from Xiaomi Fans

Sep 8, 2021

Xiaomi releases “Xiaomi Fan Story,” a series of documentaries filmed and contributed by the Xiaomi Global Community. Through this series, the Xiaomi Global Community came together to collaborate and convey Xiaomi’s brand spirit “Just for Fans.”



This six-episode documentary is a collection of true-to-life stories Xiaomi Fans have recorded of their own lives. Each video spotlights six Xiaomi Fans, who hail from different corners of the globe including Pakistan, Poland, Vietnam, Portugal and Italy. The series not only documents their perseverance through thick and thin as they pursue their passions, but illustrates how the Xiaomi brand has become an integral part in supporting their ambitions.

Episode Highlights
The first episode follows a pair of young Xiaomi Fans and brothers who live in remote Pakistan. Faced with an uphill struggle to ultimately change the destiny of their family, they stick to their passion, without meandering, so they can improve not only their own, but their family’s lives as well.

This episode follows a Xiaomi Fan from Poland who previously was a professional film director. With the rapid advancement of smartphone technology and its filmmaking potential, this fan films his artistic vision entirely on a Xiaomi smartphone, thereby empowering independent creators to chase their creative dreams.

The third episode in this series follows a wedding photographer from Vietnam who specializes in a photography niche. With Xiaomi’s phone, this Xiaomi Fan captures the natural beauty, love and happiness between couples on their joyous day, despite their disabilities, and immortalized this in his documentary titled, “Important Things In Life.”

The fourth episode illustrates the story of a team of Xiaomi Fans-turned-Xiaomi employees in Portugal. As these teams have started out as fans of the brand, this episode documents the relentless pursuit of perfection that’s driven by their dedication to making technology accessible to more people, by ensuring that they’re able to deliver the best experience with Xiaomi products for other Xiaomi Fans.

This episode titled, “Born to Challenge” centers around a breakdancer who challenges himself day-in-day-out to be the best dancer he can be. Despite the boundaries in life, that can hinder, limit or seemingly defeat people, this Xiaomi Fan perseveres and showcases how he just doesn’t give up so he can be the best of himself.

“Keep life rolling, keep life running” is the motto of this dedicated Xiaomi Fan and passionate runner from Italy. This final episode follows in Luca’s footsteps, enabling audiences to join Xiaomi fans from around the world as they “Keep life rolling, Keep life running”.

Audiences can watch the six-part “Xiaomi Fan Story” by visiting the Xiaomi YouTube channel and contribute their thoughts through social media using the #XiaomiFanStory hashtag.


About Xiaomi Corporation
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