Xiaomi regained a place among the top five global smartphone manufacturers

Sep 12, 2017

When sales of Xiaomi smartphones began to drop some publishers or rushed and believed that the end of this brand is close. Well, or cheated.

The one i liked at Lei Jun from the beginning was the patience and philosophy of “millet grain”. At first i found it difficult to understand it. Over time, i’ve been able to see more than I see other technology publishers. It’s easy to rewrite the technical features of a product or compare two smartphones. Any two can read a product sheet. Instead, it is extremely difficult to write about the millet grain of the bowl. Go with that look beyond that grain. See the beans around him. See the bowl they are in. Or the man astonishing his hunger.

Fallen Chinese tech unicorn Xiaomi is finally seeing a turnaround in its fortunes following a surge in mobile phone shipments, the Financial Times reported Monday.

The firm regained a place among the top-five global smartphone manufacturers after sales in the second quarter soared 59 percent year-on-year to hit 21 million, the report said, citing market intelligence firm International Data Corporation. source cnbc.com

We’ve gotten used to limiting a brand just to the products it offers us. We got here because of the hurried publishers and prudent marketing people. A brand means a lot more. It is true that the iBrands generation has become extremely demanding, but it is as true as some marketing people have left behind.

Those who will be able to understand the direction we are heading will be with the winners. The others will lose.

Xiaomi has confirmed he has the ability to recover. The real battle of the smartphone market has not yet begun. It will start when Xiaomi will be officially listed on the American market.

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