Xiaomi was recognized last week at the New York Fashion Week

Feb 20, 2018

More celebrities including Paris Hilton, Bryan Boy, Alla Kostromichova, Krystal Bick, or Misshattan were photographed last week at New York Fashion Week with Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro

This coincidence must give us a thought even if no publicity contract was signed between Xiaomi and those people. Regardless of the truth, it is obvious that Xiaomi prepares discreetly for the big entry into the US market.

Day X is being watched with the utmost interest both by the smart and marketing industry. It is said that marketing was invented in the US. The current form of marketing. He existed before but in a form of beginning. Professional marketing has emerged in the US. Well, we will witness a confrontation between the direct marketing directors and those coming from China. It will be a very interesting confrontation.

New York Fashion Week photos are a subtle message. We know how you think. We know your preferred means of communication. And we do not hesitate to use them better than you if we want.

According to the teachings of the great warriors, the best weapons are the most effective weapons of the opponent. They also say that the strategies remain unchanged over time. Only weapons are updating. We live in the social media era. We have the internet. We have social networks.

One of the main differences between the US market and the Asian market is that the Americans believe everything if you know how to tell them.

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