Xiaomi R2D Mi WiFi Router English Set up Guide

Jun 11, 2016

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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router Set up
The Ethernet cable coming from the ISP’s end is connected to the blue WAN port, and my PC is connected to one on the LAN ports. The power adapter’s DC end is connected to the router’s power port. The router turns on immediately and the status light flashes.Meanwhile download Xiaomi Download Xiaomi MiWiFi Router Android App v.2.2.11 from here.

My PC automatically obtains an IP address in the 192.168.31.x subnet via DHCP, and shows the default gateway to be This (obviously!) states the LAN IP address of the router is on the browser takes you to the router’s webpage. At this point, a first time setup screen is shown, entirely in Chinese. For a non-Chinese user it might be a hurdle at the start but I’ll try to guide a little bit to set it up till one can use Google Translate.I guessed the checkbox to be the option to “Accept end-user terms and license”. So I checked it and clicked the blue button.

The next screen asks for the PPPoE login details, you may either input it or click the link that says DHCP if you want to ignore it. After that, the screen that appears asks you to set a name for your WiFi access point and the access password. Fill in the details and click the blue button. The next page will show a QR code to download the Mi WiFi Android app for your phone. You can choose to close it. The next page will be the login page. Login with the same password you set for the WiFi AP and you will be greeted with the home screen that will show connection details like WAN speed, connected devices and the like.

If you are able to access the internet successfully, you can use Google Translate from now onwards to get the router control panel settings in English. If you still aren’t able to access the internet, click the second tab on the top, then click the WAN (globe) icon, then in the first section, click the first button. Choose from either the PPPoE, DHCP or static IP tabs, fill in your details and click the blue button. When everything is successful, you will be able to browse the internet. You can edit the WiFi settings by clicking on the WiFi icon, and you will be able to configure the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks separately, choose individual channels and transmission power. Once you are properly connected to the internet, the rest of the settings can be viewed with Chrome browser and Google Translate.

You can also access http://miwifi.com and log-in everytime you need to change the router settings.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router came with firmware version 2.4.9 and the Android application found a new update – version 2.8.9.

Xiaomi R2D Mi WiFi Router   Xiaomi R2D Mi WiFi Router alt (1) Xiaomi R2D Mi WiFi Router alt (2)

Xiaomi R2D Mi WiFi Router
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