Xiaomi POP Run 2021, Global and Virtual Race in Support of Local Community

Sep 3, 2021

Encouraging Xiaomi Fans all over the world to stay physically active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, Xiaomi hosted its first virtual POP Run 2021, which took place from August 4th to August 24th. This year, Xiaomi Pop Run was held virtually in over 125 countries, including Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, with a total registration of 27,631 participants, and more than 457 million steps accumulated.

Xiaomi POP Run


Facing a significant disruption due to the pandemic, Xiaomi POP Run 2021 returned with a global, virtual format and was open to all Xiaomi Fans. Upon registering for the event, users can link their Xiaomi wearables enabling the tracking of their step count. Their steps are automatically reflected on a leaderboard.

The goal of Xiaomi POP Run this year is to “Keep Life Rolling, Keep Life Running”, regardless of where participants are physically located. The global pandemic has disrupted many aspects of people’s lives, negatively impacting our physical health and mental well-being. That’s why Xiaomi took the event to a virtual format this year, enabling Xiaomi to support its fans no matter wherever they are.

Xiaomi POP Run since inception has been positioned around a purpose of supporting local communities, while making the exercising fun. Prior to this year, Xiaomi POP Run 2018 supported the protection of the environment by promoting the concept of “waste sorting.” This event encouraged every runner to practice an environment-friendly lifestyle, while enjoying a race that contributes to a greater purpose.

This year, Xiaomi POP Run offered critical support and services during the pandemic by collaborating with local communities. In Philippines, Xiaomi POP Run contributed to fighting Climate Change, where the number of participants gets converted into the trees planted. while In Russia, as a part of Xiaomi POP Run, the total steps logged by the participants will be converted into a sum that will be donated by Xiaomi to a local charity foundation, offering support to local children with rare diseases.

Thriving in the midst of challenges is a virtue that people have, and Xiaomi strives to create value for the people who share this same spirit. By delivering pioneering technology, extensive products and services, and optimizing experiences, Xiaomi is emboldening its users to thrive wherever and whenever. No matter how difficult the circumstances are, we strive to flourish through continuous exploration, innovation, and evolution. Keep Life Rolling, Keep Life Running with Xiaomi!

In my opinion

Xiaomi POP Run also has a secondary message. A message that generated numerous discussions and the updating of some legislative acts. It is information sharing.

Members of some communities do not agree with the sharing of information collected by personal gadgets. He considers them personal data. Members of other communities consider sharing this information to be beneficial to the entire community. Being able to relate to a community average can motivate some people to make an extra effort to improve their health.

I remind you that the world feels very lonely even if the current means of technological communication are superior to those available to the previous generation. How did I get here? Because we have developed individual mentalities and we have not protected our communities. Online communities. Offline communities. Communities.

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