Xiaomi Partners with National Geographic Magazine China Inspring Global Youth to Rediscover Life’s Wonders

Oct 12, 2022

Xiaomi, one of the world’s leading consumer electronics and smart manufacturing companies, is joining forces with National Geographic Magazine (NGM) China and two-time Pulitzer-prize awardee Paul Salopek, in inspiring global youth to foster curiosity in being present and exploring the incredible moments and wonders to be discovered in the world around them.

Xiaomi and NGM China Collaborate to Inspire Global Youth in ‘Exploring Moments’

Xiaomi alongside NGM China developed a free, public educational program, titled “Exploring Moments’, aiming at encouraging the next generation to fully understand, appreciate and care about the world they inhabit. The program, initiated by Xiaomi and National Geographic Magazine China, invited Paul Salopek, founder of Out of Eden Walk Project, two-time Pulitzer winner, and veteran writer, to lead the initiative.

As a young and highly-innovative tech company, Xiaomi is harnessing its deep understanding of the trends and lifestyle of the young generation in this unique collaboration with NGM China, endeavoring to empower youth to better understand the world around them, better express themselves, and ultimately better connect with their environment.

Xiaomi founder, Chairman, and CEO Lei Jun said: “Working in partnership with National Geographic Magazine China and their team, along with the very unique perspective offered by Paul’s personal experience, we are very excited at the prospect of encouraging youth to be more curious about their world. Through technology, we hope to empower their creativity and appreciation in the world they are inheriting.”

Paul’s passion for youth education and extensive experience in projects which promote global online learning, make him the ideal presenter for the Xiaomi and NGM China program and encourage the younger generation to explore contemporary world issues and their individual place in the world.

” ‘Exploring Moments’ will explore the idea of slowing down and taking time to experience life and fully appreciate the environment around you,” explained Paul. “Taking these experiences moment by moment is not just healthy from a mental point of view but also good for the spirit. Exploring moments more slowly and deeply is especially important in a world where today’s youth are bombarded with such a confusing amount of mass information.”

“I am really looking forward to exploring with the youths participating in this program, and ultimately the young audiences who will watch the final video, the things of value that immediately surround us and perhaps take all too much for granted.”

“Exploring Moments” public educational project will be released via Xiaomi’s global YouTube/ Facebook/Twitter starting October 5th, and consists of 4 chapters of Paul sharing his experience with youths, and how they explore their life moments through looking, listening, feeling, and analyzing in their daily life.

Xiaomi Education, aiding and empowering future generations

Xiaomi aims to create meaningful changes in society, by transforming the way people live, work, and communicate. To further extend its positive impact worldwide, Xiaomi has begun its youth education program, Xiaomi Education, with the goal of inspiring and aiding youth worldwide in filling the world with value and positivity.

Under this initiative, the company will support educational initiatives which empower youths with the tools and technology to realize their creative potential, empowering these youths to build a better future for themselves, for the community they belong to, and for the society they live in.

Xiaomi plans to work with established youth organizations and communities to integrate a wide range of educational resources, including the “Exploring Moments” public educational program co-led by Xiaomi and National Geographic Magazine China, whilst also leveraging the company’s global platforms and resources.

In recent months, Xiaomi funded projects promoting educational equality across its South East Asia markets, including Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Projects already underway include a Xiaomi donation to World Vision Philippines, with over 400 students from a school in Barangay Baseco, Manila welcomed on their return to school with back-to-school kits as they resumed face-to-face classes. Xiaomi Vietnam celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival, by donating 400 Xiaomi LCD writing tablets to underprivileged children in Ho Chi Minh City inspiring them with creativity via technology. In Thailand, Xiaomi teamed up with the non-profit Yuvabadhana Foundation to donate Xiaomi LCD writing tablets to 300 students, providing their first digital steps to aid their continued education. In addition, Malaysia partnered with Suriana Welfare Society to support 400 underprivileged children from Klang Valley with creativity empowerment, by donating back-to-school kits including Xiaomi LCD writing tablets.

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