Xiaomi is one of the most versatile tech companies

The aim of the Xiaomi is to create devices that look and function way ahead of their time.

I was missing these articles. If you want to understand a brand, you have to get close to him. Getting close to the people behind him. Try to understand what their principles of life are. In the absence of such information, the conclusion is incomplete.

Many technology publishers stop at the technical analysis because they fail to look beyond the packaging. They see the product. Its technical features. They are incapable of seeing the passion. I can not see the vision.


“Xiaomi has been building its ecosystem for three years now, each year exploring and applying new technologies. In order for us to remain a leader in the market, we literally need to do everything under the sun. Being put against such tech giants as Samsung or Apple, which make millions of dollars in revenue annually, is a challenge and a blessing in one. That is the reasons why Xiaomi is one of the most versatile tech companies. We have learned to see far into the future of the industry and make products people can draw inspiration from”, De Liu, Xiaomi co-founder and VP, said.

Is a challenge and a blessing in one. They see in the future. Many of us fail to see the present.

by Bayan Temur - date 29 Aug 2017

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