Xiaomi is in no rush to expand internationally and will expand into the overseas markets gradually

Mar 8, 2017

I waited updates intentions Xiaomi US market. And they came. Message with: will expand into the overseas markets gradually.

“It takes time and resources to learn about and enter a new market due to different cultural, legal and business environments, and hasty expansion will cause into many problems,” Xiaomi’s board chairman and CEO Lei Jun said at the sidelines of the ongoing annual session of China’s national legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC).

You remember? The differences are too great. Now they do not have the courage to face tough market in the US. Maybe it is better this way. The risk is very high if you are not prepared to withstand competition. Are unstable times.

“India sets a good example whose experience can be shared in expanding into other countries, and Xiaomi will start from neighboring markets and then go for western ones,” Lei said.

I said several times that Xiaomi Indian team is well prepared. It is an example to other teams. The place occupied in India is due precisely those responsibilities that are part of this team. Geographical position matters less. The key is how they study legislation and market.

“In five to ten years, China’s smartphone brands will earn global popularity with products featuring impressive design, quality, service and reasonable price,” Lei added.

The Chinese have confirmed many times in history that are experts in very long-term projects. Xiaomi is not a exept. It confirms. I’m curious to see if over 10 years Xiaomi will be officially presented in US or is preparing to enter this market.

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