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Mar 3, 2022

XIAOMI Miiiw Mute Temperature Humidity Clock Digital Hygrometer Alarm Clock Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor Smart Home with 3.34inch Huge LCD Screen

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Features :

– 5 Kinds of Information Display Easy at a Glance

Support includes temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit), humidity, time (12/24 hour system), date and comfort level, and provide the environmental information you need at any time.

– Different Colors Represent Different Meanings

Orange means the environment is dry, green represents a moderate environment, blue represents a humid environment.

– Ultra Wide Viewing Angle Ultra High Contrast

About 90% screen-to-body ratio, large viewing(approximately 150°)angle to easily read the displayed data, 3.34 inch screen, easy to read on large screen.

– Comfort Zone Reminder

Adjust home environment appliances in time. It can be judged according to the information of the comfort zone, the environment in the house, turn on other environmental appliances at the right time, and keep the room climate comfortable and pleasant.

– Flexible Placement-Two Ways to Choose

According to the use environment, choose magnetic or vertical placement. Built-in magnet adhesive, can be pasted anywhere in the house.

– Long Battery Life

Applicable for 6-12 months, a CR2032 button battery, providing 6-12 months of continuous care.

– More Life Scenes

①Put It beside the Child

Always pay attention to the information of the baby’s environment and give the baby the best care.

②Put on the Bed

Temperature and humidity create a comfortable sleeping environment.

③Put It near the Closet

The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter change. Self-knowledge whether it is cold or warm.

Specifications :

Product Model NK5253
Product Size 70*70*14MM
Product Net Weight
Display Mode
Time System
Month/Day-00:00 (12/24H System)
Humidity Measurement Range
10%~99% (±5%RH)
Temperature Measurement Range
-9.9℃~60℃( ± 2℃)
Battery Specification
3V-CR2032-220mAh (+Li) ×1PCS
Executive Standard
GB 4706.1-2005

Package Included :

1 x Miiiw Temperature Humidity Clock

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