Look under the hood: Xiaomi Mi4 has a BM32 Samsung Cell battery

May 17, 2016

As you can see in the photos, Xiaomi Mi4 Overseas Edition has a Mi BM32 Samsung Cell battery.

Xiaomi Mi4 Battery

Xiaomi Mi4 is built around a metal frame, with Corning glass at the front and a replaceable, scratch-proof back cover. It measures 139.2 x 68.5 x 8.9mm, but the curved sides make it look a bit thinner. It sports a 3080mAh battery (non-removable) and some pretty amazing camera optics. We’ve come to expect exquisite build quality from Xiaomi, and the Mi4 Overseas Edition does not disappoint. It looks and feels like a proper Mi4 flagship, nothing has changed on the outside. The Qualcomm chip is backed by a generous 3GB of RAM, and a nice all-round spec in general. Bottom line: If you don’t need 4G connectivity, the Xiaomi Mi4W offers exceptional value for money, and we can’t think of any other device that can come close in terms of performance and value.

Xiaomi Mi4 Overseas Edition Battery details

• Model: Mi BM32 Samsung Cell
• Type: 3.8 Volt Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
• Charging Voltage Limit: 4.35V
• Rated capacity: 3000 mAh   3000/3080 mAh (min/typ)   1.4/11.7Wh (min/typ)
• Standard: IEC 62133:2012 (2nd).
• Manufactured by Scud (Fujian) Electronics Co., Ltd. for Xiaomi Inc..
• Date of production: 20150303

Xiaomi Mi4 Battery Xiaomi Mi4 Battery Xiaomi Mi4 Battery Xiaomi Mi4 Battery


Caution: Disassembling the battery can cause fire or explosion. Squashing, drilling, or cutting a battery is dangerous as it may result in leaking or exploding. Getting a battery wet with water, salt water, juice or other liquids can result in short-circuiting and rust. Do not remove or damage the battery label. Removing or damaging the label makes the battery easier to short-circuit, and may result in leakage, overheating or explosion. Batteries with no manufacturer or distributor names displayed or with no warning labels may be fake or modified batteries. Fake and modified batteries may have damaged or no safety mechanisms that prevent accidents. This is dangerous and may result in explosion or fire. Be careful not to purchase these batteries. Insert/remove a battery into/from a device according to the instructions in the device’s user’s manual and never use excessive force. After inserting the battery, check the behavior of the device, and in case of unstable behavior remove the battery and inspect the device.

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