Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer Review

Sep 13, 2019

Last year, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mijia photo printer, crowdfunding is popular, just eight hours to break through 20,000. Today, September 11, Xiaomi launched a similar product, Xiaomi Mi pocket photo printer, as its name suggests, it can be put into the pocket of the photo printer. We got the new product for the first time.

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Open the box of the Xiaomi pocket photo printer and we can see that it includes a printer, five pieces of inkless 3-inch ZINK paper, and a micro USB charging line. Like other Xiaomi products, Xiaomi pocket photo printer is white, delicate and simple, surface high light texture, is a style of Xiaomi products.

Compared with the previous Xiaomi home photo printer, this new product is smaller and portable, and is the same size as the current smartphone.

On one side of the Xiaomi pocket photo printer is the printer paper exit, while on the other side is the power supply, micro USB charging port, Bluetooth and power lamp. It adopts Bluetooth distribution network connection mode, does not need Wi-Fi, to support up to 3 people to connect to the printer at the same time, and can print anytime, anywhere.

Xiaomi pocket photo printer uses ZINK inkless printing technology, which is the mainstream technology in this category of portable photo printers. The printing effect is not very good, and it is a little far from the imaging level of the Mijia photo printer. But it’s also at a usable level. Use the color dye-based crystal embedded in the paper, without ink, the printhead can be heated to image the paper. With millet special ink-free 3-inch ZINK paper, one-time imaging, real color.

And the operation is also very simple, just open the slide cover to load the photo paper into the printer can be used. In addition, the Xiaomi pocket photo printer adopts the connection mode of Bluetooth distribution network, without the need for Wi-Fi, to support up to three people to connect to the printer at the same time, and print photos in turn.

Xiaomi pocket photo printer features matching paper with its own glue, so the photos printed by users can be affixed to their favorite place, or used to print labels to facilitate the identification of items.

In addition to printing photos, Xiaomi pocket photo printer also supports AR photos, voice photos and other interesting features. In particular, the AR function, as long as printing photos, shooting or uploading no more than 15 seconds of video, using the Mijia APP scan photos, you can watch the video behind the photos, experience the virtual and real interactive AR photo effect. Even though photos have common obstacles such as jitter, tilt occlusion, dark and bright ambient distance stretching, and visual angle changes, they still reliably identify and track photos and enjoy a smooth AR experience.

Voice photos can be recorded or uploaded for up to 15 seconds of audio, and then use Micah APP to scan photos to listen to the sound behind the photos. If you want to express your love or birthday wishes, you can use a voice photo to keep it.

Of course, after the Xiaomi pocket photo printer is connected to the Mijia APP, it can also beautify its own photos through the rich photo editing features in the APP, such as jigsaw puzzles, dismantling templates, multiple filters, text templates and big head paste interest templates. It’s a favorite of the cashier.

In terms of consumables, the cost of photographic paper is about 3 yuan per sheet, and Xiaomi also provides 20 pieces of photographic paper. At present, Xiaomi pocket photo printer in Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home to open crowdfunding, the crowdfunding price is only 299 yuan, including five sheets of back adhesive paper; the set price is only 339 yuan, including printer + instant photo paper 20 sheets. A little partner who likes to do a manual account may be able to pay attention to it.

Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer


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