Xiaomi Mi DGNWG02LM Smart WiFi Remote Control Gateway new firmware upgrade

May 17, 2017

Xiaomi Mi DGNWG02LM Smart WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional Gateway new firmware upgrade to version 1.4.1_146.0141.

Xiaomi Mi DGNWG02LM

First download latest Download Xiaomi Mi Home Android Application v4.1.25 from here. Xiaomi Mi DGNWG02LM new firmware version: 1.4.1_146.0141. Xiaomi Mi DGNWG02LM previous firmware version: 1.4.1_145.0141.

Xiaomi Mi DGNWG02LM Smart WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional Gateway Features
• Original Xiaomi smart multifunctional gateway for daily use.
• 1200 Internet Radio Broadcast: Multi live online radio optional, you can enjoy beautiful life.
• 16 Million RGB Lights: The gateway can bu used as the small night lights, lights can adjust color and brightness.
• Custom Ring: Not only can upload MP3 (only applicable to Android), but also can record your favorite sound as a bell. The unique personality doorbell ring will make your home more different.
• Nightlight Function: It will automatically open when someone pass by when match the human body sensor
• APP Control: More convenient to use
• Variety ways to put and install
• Suitable for all kinds of household environment

MiHome Suite Android app
To use this device at its full potential you should install MiHome application from Xiaomi, free from Google Play Store.
MiHome application:
– Manage and communicate to devices.
– Connect devices to network.
– Connect devices to each other


What do you think about this new firmware version? Any visible changes?

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