Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has full colour display and new activity features

Sep 19, 2019

Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The new model has full colour display and new activity features

Sport Functions
6 workout modes: Treadmill, exercise, outdoor running, cycling, walking, pool swimming; Count steps, distance, and calories burned

Health monitoring
Workout completion notifications, goal setting, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, all-day heart rate checking, resting heart rate, heart rate chart, idle alerts

Other features
Alarm, proximity sensor, pre-set watch face, customizable watch face, lock screen, timer, stopwatch, phone alarm and notifications, incoming calls, message notifications, calendar notifications, app notifications, weather forecast, Find my phone, phone unlock, event notification, Night mode, Do not disturb mode (works even without phone), music controls on band, Bluetooth broadcasting, battery level display, different ways to wear, OTA updates

Mi Band 4 is fuelled by a 135mAh battery claimed to last for 20 days straight on a single charge. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.

This bracelet was initially regarded as a simple fitness bracelet. In just a few years, it has become a more indispensable gadget than the smartphone due to its features. Some functions are communication and keep us connected. Others are monitoring the human body and require continuity.

I anticipate that in the coming years the facilities available on these bracelets will also contain facilities based on secure communications such as those required for payments.

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