Xiaomi Mi 8 and MIUI 10 to be launched on May 31 in China

May 24, 2018

Xiaomi will be holding its annual 2018 new product launch on May 31 in Shenzhen, China, where she will launch Xiaomi Mi 8 and MIUI 10.


It’s official. MIUI 10 will be released on May 31 in China!

Even if I do not like unsafe information, they recognize that they have advantages as well. It generates suspense and holds captive fans. I know this technique. I just do not enjoy it. I prefer gradual information on official channels of communication. Instead of suggesting that a particular product might be launched, I’d rather say it will be released. I want to know it will be launched and my energy to learn what features it might have. I do not like to waste time. It’s precious.

On this subject, we discussed this evening with a friend established in China. She told me that in China there is another attitude. Uncertainty is part of their culture. It is not a burden for them as it is for Europeans. Karma is accepted. Including marketing. Especially when symbols are hidden in the message.

I’m open. But I still prefer incomplete official information. I miss the information I miss.

I’m curious what information will be coming up by the end of the month about the other products that will be launched at this highly important event for Xiaomi fans in China.

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