Xiaomi launches 8H leather electric sofa

Apr 17, 2018

Xiaomi launches 8H leather electric sofa under crowdfunding price at 1899 yuan

Xiaomi 8H electric

The metallic structure allows for more user positions. It can be used as a couch for discussion but also for a relaxing reading. The sofa is equipped with a USB charging interface with a power of 48W for those who can not give up on the technology.

The electric sofa features a built-in German OKIN engine. The frame is made of Lien steel in the United States. The origin of these components is a confirmation of the Xiaomi team’s responsibility. A high quality product can only be obtained using quality components. User comfort and product life are essential for brand stability.

I expect the following models to include incorporating smart sensors to choose a position depending on the health of the spine. It is known that one of the main health issues of the tech generation is back pain. These are due to the wrong seat position, prolonged time in front of monitors and lack of physical activity.

Until then, I would even like to be able to set a wake-up time. I fall asleep when reading. Before I sit down, I’d rather set a wake-up time and wake me up slowly. Get up slowly.

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