Xiaomi it has shipped over 100 million smartphones in India

Sep 6, 2019

Xiaomi it has shipped over 100 million smartphones in India since entering this market 5 years ago. The best-selling smartphones are the Redmi and Redmi Note.

Xiaomi India

“It’s a testament to the love we have received from millions of Mi Fans since our inception. There have been brands who entered the market before us, yet are nowhere close to the astounding feat we have achieved. ” said Xiaomi India managing director Manu Jain.

Currently, India is considered one of the most important Xiaomi markets. It is a booming market where Xiaomi products enjoy great confidence. One of the previous challenges was the sale price, at which point the decision was made to promote Redmi products. It was an exceptional decision.

Xiaomi’s current position in India is mainly due to the local marketing team. It is a team that has repeatedly confirmed its professionalism and ability to anticipate with objectivity the evolution of the Indian tech market in the long term. They knew how to win the trust of the undecided and how to support those who want their Xiaomi products. They knew how to motivate their need to open offline stores and how to combine their activity with social media promotion.

In marketing, the presence at a product launch event is of little importance. The main indicator is the increase of the units sold. The result of marketing must be found in increasing sales within a certain predetermined period.

This official news about the number of units sold in India since they are present on the local market is a message for Xiaomi fans and one for investors. Xiaomi grows up.

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