Xiaomi iSC5 Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera new firmware upgrade

Feb 15, 2017

Xiaomi iSC5 Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera new firmware is here starting with Xiaomi Mi Home Android Application v4.0.8.

Xiaomi iSC5

Download Xiaomi Mi Home Android Application v4.0.8 from here. Xiaomi iSC5 Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera new firmware: Xiaomi iSC5 Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera old firmwareȘ

Xiaomi iSC5 Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera description

This IP camera features a mini size and it is portable, so you can install it at anywhere. This is a small and high-quality camera that can perform several functions. The wide viewing angle of 110 degrees makes the camera indispensable as an electronic door peephole, surveillance systems, baby monitors. The camera has the ability to turn on when motion or sound is detected. At the same time it sends a message about going on a smartphone owner. Also, the device has a two-way audio, can take pictures maximum size of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The camera supports a variety of data transfer protocols: IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP / RTSP, DHCP, P2P.

This smart cam can be used as a webcam to chat with buddies on Skype and similar programs, and it can be taken on a journey and used as action-camera and video recorder. You can use Power Bank for power.  For example, 10000 mAh power bank allows the IP camera to operate up to 12 hours. Possibility of two-way communication makes the camera an ideal nanny for children or animals with whom you can talk remotely. The camera supports memory cards microSD. In addition, the camera transmits video on Wi-Fi. It also has an infrared sensor for night vision, allowing you to watch the house and at night. Are you worried that the baby will wake up at night? Now you can keep track of sleep and take care of your child and at night. In addition to its excellent functionality, the camera performed in a futuristic design and can become an ornament to any home. A wide range of tasks and low price makes this camera a very useful component part of the “Smart Home”ecosystem from Xiaomi.

While the most IP cameras has a circular shape, Xiaomi Small Square Smart WiFi camera has unusual shape of a cube. The camera is located on a stand, which rises and moves in different directions. The length of one camera face is 5 centimeters, and the total weight of the device only 100 grams. On the back of the camera is USB port, microUSB port and a two-color LED. At the bottom we see SETUP button, and a slot for MicroSD memory cards. IP camera has a large aperture f/2.0 and lens with dual filter for high-quality recording in low light during the day, as well as powerful infrared LED for night recording at a distance of up to 9 meters. During recording, you can use 8x digital zoom to see all the details. The camera has a wide-angle lens 110 degrees, which does not distort the image, aligning the horizon.

Xiaomi iSC5

What do you think about this new firmware version? Any visible changes?

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