Xiaomi is waiting for us in France and Italy

May 7, 2018

Xiaomi is expecting fans in the EU in Italy and France this month.

The performance of Xiaomi products is known in Europe. Exclusive online stores with products of this brand opened by local entrepreneurs in recent months is a confirmation that Xiaomi fans are growing. I was saying that the Xiaomi team is extremely cautious before deciding to be officially present on a local market. The decision to organize this event at a time when Europe is endeavoring to legislate on personal data rules is a little risky. There is the possibility that some publishers may shift their criticism from certain social networks to intelligent Xiaomi products.

The EU does not have its own products that can compete with the Xiaomi portfolio. How it exists in the US. This is one of the reasons why legislative regulations will continue to generate tensions.

If you are in France or Italy this month I recommend you to participate in this event. No matter what smartphone model you currently have. Go and test your Xiaomi products and compare them. Technological level and price differentials.

By Tudor
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