Xiaomi is testing a smartphone with high refresh rate displays

Oct 11, 2019

Xiaomi to join the High Refresh Rate race with a 120Hz Display Smartphone. (source xda-developers.com)

The competition among the big smartphone manufacturers to offer models with high refresh rate displays is several years.

The main advantage of 120Hz displays is the speed with which the screen speed is updated. The period in which the smartphone was used only for telephone communication and on the wireline networks has passed. The current trend is to use smartphones for applications with live functions. Applications that connect to a wide range of devices. This communication needs 120Hz. The future is obvious. It’s just a matter of time.

This facility has two enormous current disadvantages. I say current because they are known, there are solutions and they are being resolved. The first is the higher amount of information needed for the optimal functioning of these applications. It is solved through 5G – a topic that has generated heated discussions in recent months. The second disadvantage is due to the rapid heating of the battery compared to the smartphones with a 60Hz display. There are also solutions for batteries.

I had the opportunity to talk with some people who have a smartphone with 120Hz display. They told me that the difference is like the one between a black & white and a color TV.

If we are to think about Xiaomi’s intention to be with the main manufacturers of IoT objects, it is obvious that they want to offer smartphones for the most demanding fans.

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