Xiaomi is testing a long exposure mode in the MIUI 12 Camera app

Jul 8, 2020

XDA tipsters kacskrz and @Deiki recently informed us that Xiaomi is working on a long exposure mode in the MIUI 12 Camera app. The feature will allow users to take images of a starry sky, moving crowds, light paintings, silky water, etc. by capturing trails of moving objects. source xda-developers.com

long exposure mode

Those of you who follow the evolution of the fan communities of a smartphone brand have noticed that the quality of photos is often discussed. Fans boast of successful photos taken with a smartphone model. With the help of a photo processing application, high quality photos are obtained. They are appreciated by professional photographers.

Moving photos are appreciated by dynamic people. People with an active lifestyle. These people want to stop time. I want time to slow down so I can notice minor details. These people have a good financial situation. They have the money to buy a high quality smartphone. They just need to be convinced that it is worth the investment. How can they be convinced? With a camera with which I can take pictures in motion.

Each target has a weakness. In this case it is called “long exposure mode”.

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