Xiaomi is set to change the VR industry by working closely with Oculus

May 2, 2018

Xiaomi is set to change the VR industry by working closely with Oculus – we are the hardware partner for the global launch of Oculus Go and will also release Mi VR Standalone with Oculus soon, making VR more accessible than it’s ever been! – Xiaomi posted a few hours ago on the Facebook fanpage.

Oculus Go

I have also said for several hours on this blog that the future belongs to those who will be able to quickly adapt their offers to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Those who want to get to the top need partners equally professional. This area does not belong to individual entrepreneurs. Look at the evolution of trade in recent years. The maximum profit is only gained by strong business groups. Profit that can be invested in research to get new products.

This partnership confirms again that Xiaomi is at a level that allows it to stay with the leading manufacturers of technology products. At the same time, this collaboration offers new facilities to promote other Xiaomi products in new outlets.

I remind you that various services have quickly adapted to virtual reality. And the results started to appear. For example, architects have switched from paper presentations to 3D or 3D projections to VR presentations. This type of presentation is closer to reality. The beneficiary has the opportunity to see more precisely how the building will look.

Another example commonly encountered in the last years belongs to the performance education system. The lessons have been moved from the classrooms to the VR. Travel and accommodation expenses have been eliminated. Human interaction has declined during course classes but has increased as a result of the demographic spread of learners. Students establish contacts in VR and continue their discussions on social networks or offline at practice camps.

Another benefit currently in the project stage is providing technical support. This will eliminate some of the expenses.

Remember – keep in touch with reality.

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