Xiaomi is ranked 3rd in the “Smartphone After-sales Service Study” survey

Dec 8, 2020

The survey “Smartphone After-sales Service Study” by Counterpoint Research states that OPPO was the No. 1 brand in customer satisfaction for after-sales service with 93% of the respondents rating their experience “very good” or “excellent”, followed by vivo (85%), Xiaomi (81%) and Samsung (81%). Xiaomi was rated highest on “explanation of the problem” as well as solution. It was slightly ahead in “knowledge and soft skills” of the customer support executives compared to other leading brands. (source counterpointresearch.com)

The result of this study is extremely important for Xiaomi. Especially in this period of pandemic. A period in which smartphones have become indispensable.

There is no smartphone without problems. During the warranty. After warranty. Problems are inevitable. Physical problems may occur due to precarious use. Technical problems due to wrong components. And software problems. Some problems are due exclusively to the manufacturer and others exclusively to the user. Everyone is trying to blame the other side. No one admits he was wrong. Beyond this discussion, one thing is certain – the time when the smartphone is functional again. Service time is more important than money for repairs. Financial losses due to inability to be contacted can be substantial.

I always have a main smartphone and a secondary smartphone. If the main one breaks, I immediately replace it with the secondary one. It is a precautionary measure that has helped me get through difficult times.

Smartphone manufacturers and sellers can no longer neglect this detail. We need stable smartphones. A few days of waiting can be extremely important. Whatever the reason.

I said above that this study is extremely important for Xiaomi. It is important because it shows the positive result of the local community and the negative result of the offline service network. Some of the problems Xiaomi fans face are quickly fixed within online communities. People help each other. Fast and free. Dissatisfaction occurs when problems overwhelm them and they have to go to one of the offline stores. What problems are frequently reported? Can they be solved within the community? Are Xiaomi engineers present in online communities?

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