Xiaomi intends to become the number one tv brand in India

Mar 28, 2018

You know that I closely follow the evolution of Xiaomi team in India. In recent weeks, we have seen a strong promotion of the TV offer.

In previous years, Xiaomi has been making consistent and consistent efforts to win the trust of Indian fans with affordable smartphones. The results came faster than expected from tech analysts. According to the latest reports now dominates this market in India. It is premature to talk about stable domination, but we can say that they have managed to sell most units in recent months.

With the help of technology and the growing number of offline stores, Xiaomi has been able to communicate effectively with potential customers. He has been able to show them the benefits of their products. He managed to gain their trust. Let us remember that the duration of use has decreased comparatively while prices of new models are rising. Average users of smart products want stability. I want the purchased product to be used for as long as possible in the same parameters.

We have witnessed the evolution of Xiaomi on the smartphone market in India. Over the next few months we will witness Xiaomi’s evolution on the Indian TV market.

We are discussing again about returning to personal brands. It was a period of confusion. We used similar products with different brands at the same time. It seems that this stage is coming to an end. The main reason is to be aware of the importance of personal data security that smart products could collect. A tech product connected to the Internet is not an interior decoration object. He became a trustworthy friend.

Why is the TV market so important? For three main reasons.

First of all televisions are products whose marketing brings profit. This is the first advantage. The more units they sell, the higher the profit.

Secondly, video consumption on the Internet will soon overcome the online text. Great advertisers know this change and are already preparing for it. It has been reported including an increase in the number of people using the TV monitor to view an app on the smartphone. The presence of a smartphone home and a TV with the same brand can guarantee safe communication between them.

The third reason opens the way for other smart products produced by Xiaomi. The TV will quickly become an interface with them. There we can see who’s at the gate or where the pet dog is. The smartphone is for when we’re on our way. Home TV monitor will become the main.

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