Xiaomi in cooperation with ZMi has launched Mi-ZMi Power Bank 3

Jan 8, 2019

Mi Powerbank 3 is another expected surprise in a few days. Has got a USB Type-C port and two USB-A ports with a 20000mAh capacity.

Dual USB-A output iallows use to charge some low-power devices like fitness trackers, smartwatches, Bluetooth. Via USB Type-C interface you can start a laptop.

This product has great chances to become one of the best power banks in the market. Its main advantage is that they support passthrough charging and at the same time accepts strong consumers and low-power devices.

Mi Powerbank 3 can be fully charged in 4.5 hours (in case of fast charging). I think it is preferable that this device indispensable to those who need more energy outside the office is to be used especially at night. Night can be loaded. At night, we can charge our devices at once.

According to some reports, one of the first reasons why changing a smartphone, laptop or device is the state of the battery. This is why the users are increasingly cautious when choosing power bank.

Mi Powerbank 3 will be priced at 199 yuan (about 29$). The sales will start on 11th of January.

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