Xiaomi has the world’s largest consumer IoT platform

Jan 23, 2019

Xiaomi has more than 132 million connected devices (excluding smartphones and laptops).

What is Xiaomi? A smartphone manufacturer. A certificate of technological quality. An economic partner. What is Xiaomi? The right answer is a smart performance network that enables users to access smart features. Smart performance for a smart lifestyle.

Xiaomi has currently incubated and partnered with more than 100 IoT and lifestyle companies. This is the future. Those who rushed to sell their Xiaomi stock were incapable of seeing the future. They only saw a piece of a whole. They just saw the drop of smartphones sold. They have not seen the strategic partnerships. They did not understand the current lifestyle trend.

I expect that in the coming period, we will see an increase in the pace of launching new products. Especially products with smart features. The future will be produced with smart communication facilities between them.

Our team has set out to help you with information about the Xiaomi evolution and with concrete details about the brand’s products. Every category on this website is important to her. I recommend that you closely monitor the Apps category to be able to use the new versions.

Attention to nature is another element I like at Xiaomi. Unlike other smart manufacturers who want us to stick to Xiaomi monitors, every occasion is used to use an element of nature. A smart lifestyle does not mean an unnatural lifestyle. On the contrary. Smart technology needs to help us respect and protect nature.

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