Xiaomi has teased a new MI Electric Toothbrush

Jun 30, 2020

How many of you are still stuck with manual brushing? Something amazing is coming soon for a #ProCleaning. Stay tuned!

Mi Electric Toothbrush

This is the message that the Xiaomi team in India has teased a new MI Electric Toothbrush. Please note the word “stuck”.

It is a discreet way to convey a subliminal message. A real message. Indeed, many people are stuck in various activities. They are not blocked for financial reasons. They are blocked due to lack of education. Because of mentalities.

Take a look at the campaigns launched since the pandemic began. He urges us to be careful. Let’s keep our distance. Wear protective masks. There are no campaigns to urge us to invest in personal hygiene. It is recommended that we wash our hands when we get home so that we do not get sick. But it does not urge us to take a shower more often. It does not urge us to brush our teeth more often. It does not urge us to get out of blockages and give up the classic toothbrushes and buy electric toothbrushes.

I would like these messages to be transmitted directly. To be clearly formulated so that they can be understood by people with a lower level of education.

The level of the immune system and the health of the people in the community in which we live also influences us.

One of the current means of promotion requires loyalty. What does a brand offer in exchange for loyalty? A high quality product at a reasonable price? It is no longer enough. One possible answer may be … community education. The support offered to get out of captivity.

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