Xiaomi has launched the Mi Smart Band 6 NFC

Sep 15, 2021

Mi Smart Band 6 NFC: Contactless Payment for the Post-Pandemic Era

Living in the shadow of the pandemic got us thinking on how to reconstruct a smart, healthy, and stress-free life under the new norms of social distancing. To help users adopt that changing lifestyle, Xiaomi is re-shaping its technological innovations, starting from the day-to-day wearables.

Back in March 2021, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Smart Band 6 which includes the SpO2 function to provide health indications on users’ respiratory system, and other all-encompassing health tracking features such as sleeping and stress-level detection, breathing guidance to help users to take control of their overall physical and mental health.

Now, in collaboration with Mastercard, the world’s No.1 wearable band brand2 is bringing back its beloved Mi Smart Band 6 to the spotlight with a focus on contactless payment. By adding the full-fledged NFC feature, the new version now offers a fast, secure, and convenient way to pay. Payments are made more efficiently than ever, no matter if it’s for picking up daily groceries, paying for public transport or even simply grabbing a coffee during users’ daily running routine.

“We believe wearables is important to the payment ecosystem. We are seeing a rise from the use of plastic payments to mobile, including wearables. With technology and innovation playing a central role, we see more devices enabled for payment enter the market. In addition, they will have capabilities such as providing new ways to communicate, disrupting the enterprise, and enhancing our digital-physical interactions, said Valerie Nowak, Executive Vice President, Product & Innovation, Europe.” Expanding on last year’s successful collaboration across Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, we are now partnering with Xiaomi in 19 regions, with plans to expand the next few months.”

Besides that, the all-new Mi Smart Band 6 NFC version now also offers built-in Amazon Alexa, expands hands-free experience for smart homeowners.

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