Xiaomi has launched Mi Smart Clock

Jan 9, 2021

Mi Smart Clock & Google Assistant and Chromecast4.

Wrapped in a compact and minimalist design, Mi Smart Clock blends beautifully into any room in the home. Its 3.97’’ full-color touchscreen can display time, weather, calendar, and even function as a digital photo frame. With a special sunrise alarm mode, Mi Smart Clock can gradually increase the display brightness as well as alarm sound when the alarm goes off, easing the user out of sleep. And with in-built Google Assistant and Chromecast4, Mi Smart Clock acts as the home’s AIoT control and entertainment hub, enabling voice control of different Mi smart devices, such as streaming video from security cameras, or casting immense volume of music and entertainment from users’ smartphones.

The smart watch is equipped with additional functions compared to the classic watch. His connection to online assistants theoretically gives him the opportunity to take on various functions. The first are the voice communication functions

I expect the next versions to be equipped with medical sensors that cannot be included in the bracelet. In the morning we press a button and it collects the medical data for which it was configured. It collects them and sends them automatically to a medical monitoring center.

Mi Smart Clock will be available for purchase at recommended retail price of EUR 49.99

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