Xiaomi Has Launched Crowdfunding For SUV – T77 Xiaomi Edition

Aug 1, 2019

Xiaomi has launched the fundraising for the Bestune T77 Xiaomi Edition. One of the key features of the SUV is the support of XiaoAI voice assistant.

T77 Xiaomi Edition

After I announced that Xiaomi and Bestune has launched Bestune T77 SUV i met various articles published on the Internet about this collaboration. Very few believed that we would have good news about this SUV. For those who watched the XIAOMI evolution it was safe. It was only a matter of time before XIAOMI joined a car manufacturer. For two reasons. The profit is high and the car manufacturers will depend on the quality of the virtual assistants.

Due to the takeover by these assistants of some driving orders for cars drivers have more time available. Save time. Precious time. Time that I can use to communicate with relatives, friends or with devices equipped with ai. It is the ideal time for a smart manufacturer. The time when the user will definitely use one of the available facilities.

T77 Xiaomi Edition

XiaoAI it is placed on a 3D holographic display. The user can even change the clothes of the character (there are 43 outfits available to choose). At the moment XiaoAI understands only Chinese and local dialects. I consider it a measure of prudence. I remind you that there is a gap between the technological level available in the automotive field and the ability of people to assimilate it. People have to gradually get used to the new style of driving cars. Understanding the criteria that make differences is equally important.

I would like to know a statistic with those who placed the first 140 preorders. How many of them are Xiaomi fans and how many are premium SUV fans?

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