Xiaomi has been listed again in the Fortune Future 50 ranking

Dec 11, 2020

Xiaomi has been listed on The Fortune # Future50 list for the second consecutive year!

The presence in this top is a confirmation of the results obtained by Xiaomi. Financial results. Technological results. Community results. Association results. Is especially useful for people who have invested in Xiaomi or who intend to invest in this project. I remind you that last year Xiaomi had some problems with the financiers.

If fans need visibility, investors need confirmations from external entities. The strategy of influencing the decision to invest in a brand differs from the strategy of influencing the decision to buy a product. It is a strategy that requires special tools. Measurable tools. I will return to this subject.

Fortune Future 50

Every successful business starts with an act of imagination. But the most innovative companies are those that continually reimagine their potential—even if it means embracing radical shifts in strategy. That relentless focus on the future typically pays off handsomely for investors. Three years ago, Fortune teamed up with management consulting firm BCG to create the Future 50, using a proprietary system that analyzes dozens of factors to identify companies with the best long-term growth potential. The 50 companies on last year’s list produced a cumulative shareholder return of 71% since publication vs. 21% for the S&P 500 over the same span.

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