Xiaomi has become preferred smartphone for Indian consumers

Apr 7, 2017

Indians prefer Xiaomi over Samsung, Apple according to an article posted on indiatimes.com

XiaomiXiaomi India has become the number one selling smartphone brand in the online market, with 29.3 per cent share, and the second largest smartphone brand in India with 10.7 per cent market share in the fourth quarter of 2016.

How is it possible? It is very simple. He tells us Manu Jain:

“Our phones are built with a vision to make technology innovation affordable to everyone. We do not compromise on our cost to value proposition, our fan engagement or our quality,” added Manu Jain, Vice President and Managing Director, Xiaomi India.

I have said many times that the best team is the Xiaomi in India. Results of a team can be seen best by the number of units sold. When promoting a product can handle a team average. The true test is given to clients. You must convince them to buy one of your products. To them convince you need to know what has financial opportunities to help them be financially forethought.

The second condition is honor. There is a vast difference between the market in Asia and the US or EU. The Asian market is critical. If a producer is caught with too many compromises her sales may drop suddenly. Suddenly and irrevocably. Few are those who come back.

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