Xiaomi entry into the Latin America starting with Mexico

May 10, 2017

After selling for several years through Xiaomi partners, he decided to officially come to Mexico.

As far as i know, Xiaomi has been testing the South American market in Mexico and Brazil for several years. In Brazil, he reduced his activity. In Mexico, he decided to officially launch Redmi smartphones. I am sure this decision is made following a market study based primarily on the attitude of the fans in the two countries.

xiaomi  Mexico

This release comes just two weeks after Russia. It is a sign that Xiaomi wants this year to expand on new external markets, contrary to rumors earlier this year. Precaution continues to remain an important factor in their decisions. They still have no courage to risk and penetrate the US market. They want to keep their promise and watch the big launch in 2 years.

“Mexico is a really important market for us and acts as our starting point to reach the rest of Latin America,” Donovan Sung, director of product management and marketing for Xiaomi Global, said. “We hope to continue growing our presence here with the constant support of our passionate Mi fans.”

Xiaomi continues to rely on fan support. In return for their support, they are invited to various events and test products. Fans who succeed to highlight have the opportunity to benefit from other facilities.

“Given the intensified competition and limited growth potential in China’s smartphone market, it is only natural for Xiaomi to rely on overseas expansion to drive sales,” said James Yan, a Beijing-based research director with Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

The biggest challenge for Xiaomi is launching on a competitive foreign market. Launches in small markets with limited risks are not enough to keep up with the big manufacturers in the technology. A long-term business plan with low-risk small steps is beneficial only if it is completed. That’s what I want. To be able to grow with care but fast enough to stay on the smart market.

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