Xiaomi Enhances Accessibility Through Innovation

May 20, 2021

Today is the Global Availability Awareness Day, where Xiaomi welcomed a group of special guests at the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park – Mi Fans with disabilities and Speech Recognition Assistants for Mi AI Speakers. They were invited to the headquarters of Xiaomi to visit Mi Home and R&D laboratories, as well as participate in the Co-creation Session and “Touch the Beauty” Accessibility Sharing Session.

Mi Fans with disabilities and Speech Recognition Assistants for Mi AI Speakers visiting Mi Home
During the visit, team members from MIUI, AI, Services, loT and other departments engaged with Mi Fans with disabilities and understood their needs and suggestions, where they shared some approaches to enhance accessibility after a lively discussion.

Cao Yu, one of the visually impaired Mi Fans, said that the TalkBack on Xiaomi smartphones had brought great improvements to his life. “I can use applications such as WeChat, food delivery and map without any trouble now. It is unimaginable without the accessibility features of my Xiaomi phone.” Cao Yu also shared his hopes that the accessibility features on Xiaomi smartphone would become more systematic and more unified in operation details in the future.

“We held this event because we want our team members of Department of Product Design and Department of R&D to communicate with our users with disabilities face to face and to feel what they really need. Only in this way can we truly have the mentality of accessibility and offer better services to our users with disabilities. Our dream is very simple: We want everyone in the world to enjoy a better life with technologies, no one should be forgotten in this journey. ” Said Li Weixing, Vice President of Technology Committee, Xiaomi Corporation.

Accessibility is one of the key areas that Xiaomi has been focusing on since its early stage of establishment.

Every time we talk about technological facilities, we think for the first time about convenience. We think that these facilities will make certain activities easier for us. This is true. Technological facilities make our lifestyle easier. But this is not a complete truth. There are new people with various disabilities who need these facilities in order to lead a lifestyle that we consider normal. For these people, these technological facilities are not a way to make their lifestyle easier. With the help of these facilities they can have a lifestyle that most of us have forgotten to cherish.

Technology offers us an environment that can take us away or closer. The choice is ours. It belongs to the community we live in. It belongs to each of us.

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