Xiaomi does not intend to launch on the US market this year

Mar 19, 2019

In the development strategy for this year of the Xiaomi group is not found and official entry into the US market

As an innovation-driven technology company, Xiaomi will continue to work on fundamentals; strengthen its capabilities in innovation, quality control and supply chain management; and promote its multi-brand strategy. With the upcoming 5G deployment in 2019, the Group will continue to invest in the development of its open AIoT platform, which is believed that there will be more scenarios available for AIoT in the future.

To further expand its global footprint, Xiaomi will continue to enter additional markets in 2019 and replicate the success in India in other key markets such as Indonesia and Western Europe.

The Group will focus on building efficient new retail channels by continuously strengthening its distribution capabilities and building an omni-channel, full-scene new retail network that delivers comprehensive product categories. While maintaining leading position in the e-commerce market, Xiaomi will also continue to optimize its offline distribution to further strengthen its advantage in efficiency.

The Group will further enhance and optimize its internet services in mainland China, and continue to expand its client base. Meanwhile, Xiaomi will actively expand its fast-growing IoT device-based internet services, such as TV internet services and overseas internet services, and continue to grow the services that have the potential to expand to non-Xiaomi smartphone users, such as internet finance and the Youpin e-commerce platform.

Xiaomi and US market

Quality is measured where you can meet as competitive performers. In this innovative field, quality is measured in the US market. There are producers and budgets for research but also people with high digital experience.

I think Xiaomi is cautious. Its products have a high performance. But the Xiaomi Group’s strategy also includes a wide range of services that it will not be able to offer in the US over the coming years. In the US they will be able to sell units but the possibilities of launching related services will be limited.

For now, he is pleased to watch the UK market, a market similar to the US. Follows. Learn. Establish strategy.

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