Xiaomi CRMCR Cayo Anno electronic safe box was released

Mar 9, 2019

Xiaomi CRMCR Cayo Anno electronic safe box was released: a smart and multifunctional safe priced at 1999CNY.

Xiaomi CRMCR Cayo Anno

Xiaomi released a Xiaomi Youpin CRMCR Cayo Anno electronic safe box on its official web with the price of 1999CNY (about $298). The inner soft package process is made with special tools and adopts rubber pressing technology, and it has the function of shock absorption and moisture-proof. Whether it is jewelry, watches, certificates, photographs, luxury goods and cultural relics, it can be cared for in an all-round way.

The Xiaomi CRMCR Cayo Anno Electronic Safe Box has a size of 48 x 38x 35cm and a weight of 44kg. The precision steel door panel made by compound double-layer process is more robust. It is made of drill-proof stainless steel and high strength Q345 low-carbon alloy steel plate. It is hard and reliable, and has a better anti-drilling and anti-corrosion effect.

The upgraded alloy hinge has a larger opening angle, eliminating the weak link of anti-prying at the hinge. The door plate thickness is far beyond the national standard of 6mm, reaching 9mm.

Only by touching the One-Touch switch can the invisible handle be automatically extended to avoid the alarm caused by mistakenly touching the fingerprint sensor; the door lock opens quickly when the user grasps the handle and enters the fingerprint. It is so convenient.

Via the Mijia APP, you can get a long-distance insight into the situation of the safe. When the safe is caught in illegal operation or prying, the sensor in the safe receives the signal and sends out the call alarm at the first time. By using the adapted Mijia electronic equipment as the relay gateway transmission signal, you can be reminded of the safety of the safe in real time, which greatly reduces the possibility of property theft.



Xiaomi CRMCR Cayo Anno

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