Xiaomi Celebrates 1000 Xiaomi Stores Event with Mi Fans Across the World

Jun 5, 2021

Global technology leader Xiaomi today announced it has opened over 1000 Xiaomi Stores in global markets, marking a major milestone in the company’s global expansion. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Xiaomi is holding a 1000 Xiaomi Store event both online and offline, offering exclusive gifts and promotional sales as an expression of gratitude to the Mi Fans and loyal customers that have helped the company reach these new heights.

To mark this momentous occasion, Xiaomi is launching the 1000 Xiaomi Stores celebration both online and offline as a way of giving back to the countless Xiaomi consumers and Mi Fans that have supported the company and believed in its products over the years.

The celebrations will kick off with an online promotional event along with large sales available at most offline Xiaomi Stores. Exclusive event gifts will come with a specially designed Xiaomi logo composed of the phrase “Thank You” in dozens of different languages – an expression of gratitude to all of the Mi Fans who have made this milestone possible.


According to the press release, the main beneficiaries of this campaign will be the buyers of MI products. I think this choice is incorrect. Xiaomi’s current market position is due to those who have effectively promoted these products. Current buyers are the result of previous activity. I would have allocated a number of products to all those who during this period formed and managed Xiaomi communities. Whether it’s a blog, a group on a social network, a YouTube channel.

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