Xiaomi belts use hides and skins of the Tuscany – Italy

Dec 3, 2017

Have you ever wondered where the skin originated for Xiaomi belts?

Xiaomi belts

When we order a new gadget we pay attention to its extra smart features. What’s new with? What new features does it have? How much better than the previous version? But how many of us are we paying attention to the quality of non-smart accessories? For example, in leather products.

I told you Xiaomi respect for trying to be careful of all the details. It focuses not only on the main details. He also looks at secondary details. Details make the difference.

Hides and skins of the Tuscany, which are used for Xiaomi belts, come directly from the slaughterhouse and are by-products of the livestock industry.

Why did Xiaomi choose this partner? The history of vegetable tanning in Tuscany dates back to prehistoric times. For thousands of years, generations of craftsmen have followed ancient craftsmanship techniques, but every generation of craftsmen have contributed their own creativity to innovate the vegetable tanning process. That is why all leather pieces originating from Tuscany are a perfect balance between tradition and high-end fashion.

Did you know that and only hip skin is suitable for belts, shoes, outsole and hard leather goods, so is the most expensive? I just found out today. A passionate fan of luxury watches explained to me a few years ago that the skin of a watch can be as expensive as the watch itself. The way it absorbs sweating and is used over time is a confirmation of confidence in the manufacturer. It is confirmed over time. It’s the same as the old collection wines. It takes time to confirm that we have kept a high quality wine.

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